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Trick or Treat Studios Reveal New 'Halloween Ends' Mask Just in Time for Halloween

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Thinking about going as Jason this year for Halloween? Maybe Chucky? Before you commit to your costume, maybe consider going as Michael Myers.

Help from Trick or Treat Studios comes your way this year, with the release of a Michael Myers mask, inspired by the soon to release, Halloween Ends, from Universal, Miramax, and Blumhouse.

The new mask, inspired by the last film in the current Halloween trilogy, shows the age, and damage that the silent, horror icon has endured over the years. That damage can be yours to display, and embrace during the Halloween holiday, for a price that will range from $59-$79, when pre-orders begin for Trick or Treat Studios' Halloween Ends Michael Myers mask, next week on Thursday, September 15.

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