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  • Eric J. Cullen

All Aboard The 'Terror Train 2' Official Trailer; Departing Now!

Updated: Jan 12

The official trailer for Terror Train 2 is here and awaiting your views on YouTube. The trailer for the upcoming sequel to Tubi's 2022 Halloween hit, Terror Train, is ready to give horror lovers a taste of things to come with the sequel's release here in just a few more days.

Philippe Gagnon is back to direct Terror Train 2, with Aaron Martin and Ian Carpenter onboard to write the script. Having done a phenomenal job with the first film, a remake of the 1980's slasher film by the same name, it's good to see the trio return for the sequel. What began as a Halloween tale in the first film, the second film will now shift focus from the spookiest holiday of the year to New Year's Eve, where the survivors from Terror Train will once again fight to survive on the same train that changed their lives back on Halloween night of 2022.

Once again climbing aboard this crazy train will be Robyn Alomar, Nadine Bhabha, Emma Elle Paterson, Romy Weltman, Tori Barban, Dakota Jamal Wellman and Tim Rozon as The Magician. Newcomers will include Nia Roam, Lisa Truong, Ess Hödlmoser, and Daniel Gravelle.

Releasing in just a few more days, Terror Train 2 will tie in perfectly with the end of the year celebrations that the New Year holiday brings. According to the small summary on IMDB, Terror Train 2 will see the survivors from the first film, coaxed back onto the same the train they once had to fight for their lives on, for some New Year's Eve fun and celebration. As fate would have it, our once successful survivors will have to endure a second round of terror on the rails.

Premiering on Tubi just in time for the New Year, Terror Train 2 will be available to watch and enjoy on Saturday, December 31.

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