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'SAW Games' - An NFT Experience - Begins on Halloween

Gather up your courage and get your pass now! This is your invite to a new gaming experience available to you on Halloween day when Autograph, the NFT platform co-founded by Tom Brady, introduce a one-of-a-kind SAW experience to gamers and horror fans alike.

In partnership with Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, and Magic Eden, Autograph will bring the scares with the new web3 experience, SAW Games, a game where you, and thousands of others, will compete for the best score, in an attempt to survive Jigsaw's gruesome puzzles. Purchase of the SAW Games Pass will allow you access to three days of SAW Games, with titles like Blood Bucket, Incinerator, and Acid Bath, games that will test your endurance, reflexes, and problem solving abilities. Each player will be given three attempts at each game to survive with the best score, any further attempts to progress will require the purchase of another pass.

Top players for each game will be eligible to win prizes which include a trip to SAW: The Experience in London, a visit to the set of the next SAW movie, your name in the credits of the next film, a poster or script signed by Tobin Bell, or a tape recorder with a message from the SAW and Jigsaw actor. Other prizes include a Nintendo Switch, a $1,000 Prepaid Visa card, or NFTs from Degenerate Ape Academy, Doodle, or Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Those that would like to participate in the unique SAW experience should start their journey here.

SAW Games Pass goes on sale today with a price tag around $50. Those looking to purchase through NFT providers like GameStop will want to act quick as only 5,000 are available though the retailer, with special NFTs available to those that buy. There is no limit to how many passes one can purchase. The first mini-game will begin on October 31 at 12:00PM EST, with players given 24 hours to try and get to the top of the leaderboards of that day's game. Two more will follow along with prizes and much more, for what should be a new and exciting way to game in the present and future.

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