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  • Eric J. Cullen

'PussyCake' Gets SCREAMBOX Release Next Week

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Making its horror debut on SCREAMBOX next week, PussyCake will tell the story of a struggling all-girl rock band, who breakdown on the way to their next gig, in a town that seems to be void of people, or I should say, people that don't want to kill the young rockers. There are plenty of people that do want to kill them.

Directed by Pablo Parés and written by Maxi Ferzzola, based on a story from Hernán Moyano and Hernán Sáez, the Argentinian horror film will star Flor Moreno, Florencia Moreno, Anahí Politi, Sofia Rossi, Aldana Ruberto, and Macarena Suárez.

PussyCake will enjoy a release on Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting's premiere horror streaming service, SCREAMBOX, later this month on Tuesday, August 30.

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