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Official Trailer For 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Arrives on YouTube

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The official trailer for The Yellow Wallpaper released today on YouTube and I must say, I am eagerly awaiting this one.

I remember reading “The Yellow Wallpaper” for an English class back in my community college days. I also remember feeling a bit chilled after I finished the short read. It looks like someone else felt the same chill I did, and has turned the Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story into a feature film.

Directed by K. Pontuti, who co-wrote the screenplay with the film’s star, Alexandra Loreth, The Yellow Wallpaper will tell the terrifying story of Jane, who is put on rest by her doctor/husband John, in a room with patterned, yellow wallpaper. Jane's mental health begins to deteriorate while in the room, and her writer's imagination aides her descent into psychosis, as she begins to imagine someone lurking behind the yellow wallpaper.

Starring Alexandra Loreth, Joe Mullins, Jeanne O’Connor and Clara Harte, The Yellow Wallpaper will be available to watch on VOD later this month on March 29.

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