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NYCC: Funko Reveals New Vecna Inspired 2-Pack

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

New Funko news comes straight out of New York Comic-Con 2022, with the release of a Vecna inspired 2-pack, that will have fans of Dungeons & Dragons, and Stranger Things, scrambling to get their hands on one.

Available both online and in-store from numerous retailers, this Vecna NYCC exclusive will be a perfect addition to your Funko Pop! collection, no matter which fandom you hail from, maybe it's both? With each figure standing at a little over 4-inches tall, the collectible dual-pack will come with either one of two stickers, the 2022 Fall Convention Exclusive sticker or the 2022 New York Comic-Con sticker. Which sticker adds more value, I cannot say because I just don't know.

If you're not already in line, or constantly hitting the refresh button, you might be out of luck because I imagine this one will be popular. Already popping up on sites like Amazon and ebay for more than its retail cost, this Vecna 2-pack featuring the otherworldly villain from both D&D and Stranger Things, could be yours today.

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