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  • Eric J. Cullen

Horrific Recap of March 6 - 12, 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It's the start of another week in the month of March, and that means we have some new horror news and tidbits on the way. Before we get to enjoy those screams though, we have some terror from last week to look back on with another Horrific Recap brought to you by Horror Junket. If you haven't done so yet, go on grab hold of something tight--tighter now, as we look back on the horror news from last week, beginning with Sunday.


March 6 - Sunday

Felissa Rose joins the cast of Camp of Terror, the in-development horror flick from those that brought you Room 9.

She is very busy in the world of horror but the Sleepaway Camp star has found time to join Mike Ferguson, who came onboard around the same time Rose did, Lauren Francesca and Maritza Brikisak for Thomas Walton's Camp of Terror, a film being described as a 1980s style slasher film.

Along with producers Jared Safier and Navid Sanati, Thomas Walton, and the stars of Camp of Terror, are putting their efforts into fundraising for the film, and any interested backers should visit the pre-launch site, here.

Here comes Part 7 of Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022 reveal with one of the spookiest dolls I have ever seen.

A 50" Pennywise doll from artist Mark Anthony is coming to collectors and those demented enough to keep this one in their bedroom. Standing a little over 4' tall, this highly detailed and beautifully crafted Pennywise doll is ready to come to life at night and kill you.

Inspired by the 2017 film It, this Pennywise doll is made of a durable vinyl for the head, and a soft foam body that is fully posable, whether its done by yourself or it. Pre-orders will open in the summertime, along with all the other spooky goodies coming from Trick or Treat Studios.

Matt and Ronnie from Gun Interactive are joined by Kane Hodder for a panel at Mad Monster earlier this month, to talk about their upcoming game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Excitement builds for what will be an "asymmetrical horror experience based on the groundbreaking and iconic 1974 horror film." The three panelists sat in front of an eager to listen audience, as they discussed the video game making process, and what they have accomplished so far in developing a Texas Chainsaw based game.

Not too much is known yet about the game that has had a trailer out since December of last year, but we do know that the gameplay process will rely heavily on stealth for Victims, as they try and survive the Slaughter Family. With no known release date at the moment, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre continues on in its development, for what should be a frightening and blood-soaked game.


March 7 - Monday

Part 8 of Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022 reveal is here, and with it comes the end of one of the most exciting action figure and collectible events for horror fans.

Coming to collectors as soon as this year will be figures on the smaller side, with inspiration coming from horror films like Candy Corn, Haunt and Children of the Corn. Standing at just a little over 3" tall and coming in packs of two, these action figures are the perfect space-fillers for any horror fan's collection.

Be sure to act fast when these pre-orders open in the summertime, they are sure to go fast, along with all the other collectible figures announced by Trick or Treat Studios over the last week, and only the luckiest of horror collectors will get their hands on them.