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A Horrific Recap of June 12 - 18, 2022

Welcome back to Horror Junket and guess what? That's right, I have some horror news to tell you with another Horrific Recap, filled with some of the spookiness that occurred last week in our favorite genre, horror. I won't take up anymore of your time so lets get to it as we begin our recap of horror with...


June 12 - Sunday

Redfall gave gamers a first look at some game footage during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, with an official gameplay reveal trailer that definitely hypes this gamer up for day one of Redfall's release.

Welcome to Redfall, Massachusetts where vampires and killer cultists will stop at nothing to make sure you and your friends die in your pursuit to take back the small town from its current evil overlords. Featuring a single player and multiplayer mode, where up to four players join together to fight Redfall's foes, each playing a character that harnesses their own abilities and strengths, which allows players to engage in a new shooting experience every time they play.

The first person shooter developed by Arkane Austin and published by gaming titan Bethesda Softworks is built on Unreal Engine 5, meaning Redfall will look beautiful as you slay vampires and cult members without mercy, utilizing all kinds of ways to do so. Redfall will be available next year in 2023 on Xbox and PC, with Game Pass subscribers able to play for free on release day.


June 13 - Monday

Is the next Scream film moving away from Woodsboro? Is it pulling a Jason and going to New York City? According to multiple sources on Twitter, sources that also had picture proof from the set apparently, it appears that the Wes Craven created, slasher franchise could once again take place in a setting that is neither California nor Woodsboro.

Fans remember when Scream 2 went to college with Sidney and we lost both Randy Meeks and Sarah Michelle Gellar. In Scream 3 things went Hollywood but the sunny Cali setting remained the same. If things do move to The Big Apple, this could provide some wiggle room for a more expanded story featuring the knife wielding killer(s), Ghostface.

The next entry in the Scream saga will be directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett from the last film. James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick have also returned as writers for the film that is scheduled to premiere next year on March 31, 2023.


June 14 - Tuesday

Capcom and those behind Resident Evil Village made a promise last year in June, that more content was coming for the eighth game in the canon series, and today at Capcom's Showcase 2022, they deliver with a video announcement that should have any RE fan excited for October.

You may have already played RE Village numerous times over but reasons to play one more time--the State of Play RE Village VR announcement--just keep on coming. Making gaming news headlines yesterday, Capcom Showcase 2022 revealed that the Winter's Expansion DLC, would be coming shortly to Resident Evil Village.

Included in the DLC content will be a new third person mode, that may or may not reveal Ethan Winter's face. Will fans finally get a good look at the protagonist who just can't stop injuring his hands? We'll see.

Coming out alongside the third person mode of RE Village will be a new story about Rose, Ethan's daughter, who by the end of RE Village is all grown up and exhibiting powers of her own. The upcoming addition will allow players to control Rose, as she enters the consciousness of the megamycete in order to find out more about her powers in a new story expansion called Shadows of Rose.

But wait! There's more coming our way with more maps and three new characters coming to The Mercenaries, both familiar foe that get defeated in the main story by Ethan Winters. Chris Redfield, Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg will be playable characters available when The Mercenaries: Additional Orders releases later in the year.

Yes, it's a good time to be a Resident Evil fan. We have a new Netflix series on the way in July and come October 28, those that enjoy the RE games can once again experience Resident Evil Village in two new ways, with even more content to enjoy after you complete the game for the eighth time.


June 15 - Wednesday

Chucky season two is going to be filled with familiar faces, the currently in production round two for the killer doll series from creator Don Mancini, SYFY and USA Network, is bringing together actors from Bound, Saw 2 and Real Housewives.

That's right, added cast will include the talents of Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano, who starred with Chucky alum Jennifer Tilly in 1996's Bound, making this a small reunion for the cast of the steamy, neo-noir crime thriller. Jennifer's sister Meg Tilly will also be joining the cast, the actress/novelist known for her roles in Psycho II and Body Snatchers. Also tagging along for Chucky's second season will be Tony Nappo and Sutton Stracke.

Production seems to be well underway for what should be a fun and exciting season of Chucky, that will most likely pick up where things left off in the first season. For those fans curious to know more, it would be a good idea to follow Don Mancini's social media posting, as they are usually filled with all kinds of behind the scenes goodies and previews.


June 16 - Thursday

The cast of the upcoming Scream film continues to grow, picking up Jack Champion, Liana Liberato, Devyn Nekoda and Josh Segarra, for new roles in a story that follows the survivors from the last film.

The four new additions join recently cast actor Dermot Mulroney, who has joined up for a role that is not yet known. Hayden Panettiere will be returning as Kirby Reed from Scream 4, along with Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding returning from Scream, released earlier in the year. With Dewey on the permanent outs and Neve Campbell sadly not returning for totally understandable reasons, this will leave Courteney Cox as the only survivor of the original Woodsboro trio to return.

With recent news breaking via Twitter, and posts made by a couple sources, it was learned that the sixth entry into the Scream saga would be moving from the fictional town of Woodsboro, California, across the US and over to New York City, a move that immediately made me think about Jason's brief visit to NYC.


June 17 - Friday

Fathom Events helps John Carpenter's The Thing celebrate 40 years since its release back in 1982, with a return to theaters that is set to begin on Sunday.

Thing fans can watch their favorite sci-fi/horror flick on the really big screen once again at one of over 700 theater locations across the nation. Attend alone or with others to once again see MacReady, Childs, Blair and others as they fight amongst themselves about how best to fight a parasitic extraterrestrial. Directed by John Carpenter and written by Bill Lancaster, The Thing stars Kurt Russell, Keith David, Wilford Brimley and Richard Masur.

The Thing special event will run for two days, Sunday, June 19 and Wednesday, June 22, and will include a bonus feature for attending audiences, a documentary about The Thing titled, Terror Takes Shape. Mark your calendars and check your local showtimes with many theater chains like AMC, Regal and Century partaking in the event.


June 18 - Saturday

Fans of Evil Dead: The Game have some Army of Darkness content to look forward to, those behind the game taking to Twitter to give fans a sneak peek at the soon to come Castle Kandar map.

Sales have been great for the multiplayer survival horror experience, based on characters and lore from The Evil Dead saga of films and the television series. Players of Evil Dead: The Game have known for some time that new content was coming, and with the game's recent announcement on Twitter, fans can expect some medieval, blood-soaked experiences to come their way when a new adventure takes us to Castle Kandar.

The upcoming content comes free from developer Saber Interactive, and will be available to Evil Dead: The Game players when it releases later this year. As for an exact date, well, I'll keep my ear out for info and get it to you the moment I catch word of it.


Well, that wraps another Horrific Recap, the write up that takes a look back at some of the horror that occurred last week. I hope it wasn't too scary for you and I await your return next week, when I'll have another terrifying recap waiting for you. Until next time, take care of yourself and others and know that we have 134 more days until the spookiest season of them all, Halloween.

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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