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  • Eric J. Cullen

Horrific Recap of January 23 - 29, 2022

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Welcome back to Horror Junket everyone! I have another horror rundown for you horror fans, and that includes plenty of movie trailers, some new award nominations, and the horror coming soon to gamers. I won't blab on too much, in fact, let's get into it with another Horrific Recap, that will look back at some of the horror that occurred last week.


January 23 - Sunday

The Horror Writers Association has announced their Preliminary Ballot for the 2021 Bram Stoker Awards and voting will begin in the next few days.

Active and Lifetime Members will vote to form the Final Ballot for this year's Bram Stoker Awards, a ceremony that honors works of horror in many different categories. No nominees have been announced yet, but with the anticipation of a Final Ballot at the end of February, the excitement is building. Voting is set to begin on January 26 and will go into the month of February, when a Final Ballot is set to be revealed on or around February 23.

Past winners and nominees of the Bram Stoker Awards include world-renowned authors like Stephen King, Thomas Harris, Anne Rice, Peter Straub and Chuck Palahniuk, as well as newer authors in the genre of horror like Joe Hill, Christopher Rice and Caitlin R. Kiernan.


January 24 - Monday

Dead by Daylight drops the official trailer for another Saw debut on their popular survival horror game, an addition that is sure to be a horrific and bloody time.

Players of Dead by Daylight will be able to complete more quests that will unlock new Memories, Logs, Cinematics, Charms and Bloodpoints as they play. Memories and Logs will further expand on the stories of The Observer, Amanda Young and David Trapp.

Saw first saw its Dead by Daylight premiere back in 2018 with the addition of Killer Amanda Young, Survivor David Trapp and a map of the Gideon Meatpacking Plant to survive or kill on. Set to release here in the next few days, Dead by Daylight's Saw Archives Tome 10 will be available across all platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2022.


January 25 - Tuesday

The trailer for Monstrous has dropped and things are looking absolutely chilling for Christina Ricci's new horror film.

Having fled an abusive relationship with her young son in tow, Christina Ricci will star as Laura, a mother who only wants to make a happy life for her and her son, Cody. Things take a dark turn however, when Cody makes a new supernatural friend, a friend who doesn't quite get along with Laura.

Directed by Chris Sivertson and written by Carol Chrest, Monstrous will also star Santino Barnard, Don Baldaramos, Lew Temple and Colleen Camp. The film is still in post-production and is due to arrive in theaters later this year.