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Horrific Recap of February 6 - 12, 2022

Hey there horror fans and welcome back to Horror Junket. I hope the day finds you well, and if not, I have so some horror news to cheer you right on up. We've got some Jordan Peele and Super Bowl scares to look forward to, as well as some horror gaming so I won't waste anymore time. Lets get into it. If you haven't done so already, go and grab that fright pillow tight--a little tighter now, as we dive in some of the horror that occurred last week.


Sunday - February 6

Rob from Riffing On Horror was back last week with a new True Crime & Horror Time, with a side-by-side look at Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen and the 2003 film The Frozen Ground.

True Crimes & Horror Times continues solo with Rob for the true crime podcast's sixth episode, that takes a look at the real life monsters that live or lived among us. Turning his attention to the truly sick Robert Hansen and the film he would inspire, Rob compared the feature film to the monster to see where the film was right, wrong, or just spinning Hollywood tales.

Get your true crime fix by joining Rob every Thursday for a new True Crimes & Horror Times that will feature a new killer of the week on Spotify.

In one week football fans will tune in for the Big Game between the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, but fans of horror might also get a treat with a couple Super Bowl ads that could bring some chills to the NFL showdown.

Fans of Jordan Peele, and the horror he provides the genre, have surely seen the poster and the just recently released teaser trailer for Nope, but an official trailer still remains elusive...until Super Bowl LVI that is. Yep, I would bet big money that a trailer for Nope will be shown sometime during the Big Game, more money that I'm putting on the Bengals. As a fan of the scares that Jordan Peele brings to horror, I will be through the roof when that trailer premieres.

My excitement is also building for any mention of the fourth season of Stranger Things. As we inch closer to the summertime release date of ST on Netflix, it would be a huge fumble if those behind the hit series DIDN'T secure a couple of million dollar time slots. We've already seen a couple previews for Stranger Things 4 but like Nope, we have not seen an official trailer yet and that, may or may not becoming sometime during Super Bowl LVI. If you're not a fan of football but happen to be a fan of horror, you now have two good reasons to check out the game.


Monday - February 7

Eddie Izzard will play Dr. Nina Jekyll in Joe Stephenson's next project, Doctor Jekyll. Written by Dan Kelly-Mulhern, Doctor Jekyll will put a spin on the 1886 Robert Louis Stevenson novella, with Izzard's Nina Jekyll a recluse who hires Rob, a young man that will help Jekyll in keeping the evil hyde from destroying the recluse's life.

“I am very excited to be playing the role of Nina Jekyll in this new feature film and it’s wonderful to be able to reimagine this classic story in a modern way,” says Izzard, who will star alongside Scott Chambers, Morgan Watkins and Robyn Cara. Production is already underway on the film with filming set to begin this week at various U.K. locations.


Tuesday - February 8

Universal Pictures is over here teasing us with a little 30 second video, that looks at the past works from the multi-talented Jordan Peele, as well as his upcoming feature film, Nope.

The YouTube video showcases Peele's films Get Out and Us, two films that would go on to scare audiences worldwide, as well as securing Peele's current reign as a director and writer of horror. Also include in the video's short run is a few peeks at Jordan Peele's Nope, expected to hit theaters later this year. This won't be the last video to come from Peele or the film Nope, with TV spots expected to run during Super Bowl LVI.

Fans of Dario Argento get in here because I have a trailer for you!

A small glimpse at the upcoming film from the acclaimed horror director is here, with an international teaser trailer that will more than likely not give too much away.

Written and directed by Dario Argento, who co-wrote the film along with Franco Ferrini, Dark Glasses will tell the giallo tale of Diana, a young woman who loses her sight after escaping a serial killer. With the killer on the loose, Diana relies on the help of a Chinese boy named Chin to guide and help her even in trying times.

Starring Ilenia Pastorelli, Andrea Gherpelli, Asia Argento and Andrea Zhang, Dark Glasses will enjoy its premiere in Italy later this month on February 24.


Wednesday - February 9

From Saban Films, The Requin comes to Blu-ray just in time for spring, when the weather warms and sharks begin to hunger for human the world of horror at least.

Starring Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper as vacationers in peril, The Requin tells the story of a romantic getaway gone bad, when they are washed away to sea while still in their villa. The elements and staying afloat are one struggle but when you add sharks into the mix, things can look downright bleak.

Written and directed by Le-Van Kiet,and starring Deirdre O'Connell, Danny Chung and Jennifer Mudge, the Blu-ray edition of The Requin will include a commentary track, as well as a Making Of featurette to further enhance your viewing experience. The Requin will be available to own next month on March 29.

We've gotten plenty of sneak peeks at Starz latest series Shining Vale, and now the official trailer is here to broaden the story on this comedic ghost story.

Starring Courteney Cox, Greg Kinnear, Rob Morrow and Mira Sorvino, Shining Vale will tell the story of a family that moves to a new town and into murder house, where only Courteney Cox's character Pat can feel the supernatural presence.

Created by Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan, Shining Vale will run for 8 episodes and enjoy its series premiere on Starz next month on March 6.


Thursday - February 10

Being the Dario Argento fan I am, it is quite exciting to see all the news coming out about the famed Italian director's latest film, Dark Glasses.

Those behind the film have just recently released a poster for the film, a fine piece of art that makes one recall the 1988 film, They Live. Right on the heels of the poster's release, Argento fans can now enjoy the short international teaser for the upcoming gaillo film.

Written and directed by Dario Argento, who co-wrote the film along with Franco Ferrini, Dark Glasses will tell the giallo tale of Diana, a young woman who has lost her sight after a serial killer's failed attack. With the help of a young boy named Chin, Diana will track a serial killer through Italy. Starring Ilenia Pastorelli, Andrea Gherpelli, Asia Argento and Andrea Zhang, Dark Glasses will enjoy its premiere in Italy later this month on February 24.

If you had doubts about a fourth season of Creepshow then shame on you, and guess what? Yes, that's right, another season of Creepshow is in the works from Greg Nicotero and Shudder.

If you aren't a fan of the Shudder original series then you probably aren't reading along anymore. For those still with me, more tales of terror are sure to come from the horror anthology series which has seen many guest stars like Jeffrey Combs, Kid Cudi, Tobin Bell, Adrienne Barbeau and David Arquette.

First created back in 1982 as a feature film by director George A. Romero and writer Stephen King, Creepshow would go on to spawn two sequels and the Shudder original series we horror fans enjoy today, and now into the future.


Friday - February 11

Unique guns and large enemies can make for a great shooter. Turok did it, Doom and Wolfenstein continue to do it, and now Ripout will blaze its own bullet-cut path with its release later this year.

In this co-op horror shooter, your gun is your best friend as you blast your way through large spaceships, collecting loot and kills as you battle various bloodthirsty mutants that use each other to grow more powerful. Thanks to the game's procedurally generated level design, players will never step on the same ship twice with gameplay always new and surprising, ready to catch you off-guard.

Ripout has no concrete released date but it will be available for PS5, Xbox One Series X and PC when it releases later this year.


Saturday - February 12

Jordan Peele took to Twitter to post a most interesting and eerie photo, or it could be that his vintage alarm clock is acting up?

This horror skeptic thinks not, and believes that the pic of green zeros against a screen of black is a nod towards Peele's latest film, Nope.

Yes, that's right, I believe that this tweet is telling fans that the wait is over, and that the official trailer for Nope will be available tomorrow. Now, whether that trailer comes before the Big Game, or during, is another guess entirely.

So that's my take on the tweet. It's the sign of a countdown for the official trailer to Nope, a new Jordan Peele feature film that will star Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Barbie Ferreira.


Well, how was that for a horror rundown, right? We still have so many scares and plenty of horror still to come, but for now I have to keep this short because I have some football to attend to. I appreciate you all stopping by Horror Junket once again, where I try to have as many scares waiting for you that I can. Until next week's Horrific Recap, I hope that you take care and I'll be thinking of you all when my neighbors call the cops due to all my screaming.

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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