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Horrific Recap of February 20 - 26, 2022

Welcome back to Horror Junket! We're almost at the end of February and going right on into the month of March, but before we get there we have some horror news from last week to reflect on. That's right, I feel a Horrific Recap coming on! If you haven't done so yet, go on and grab that fright pillow tight--tighter now as we take a look at all the screams and chills from last week beginning with Sunday, February 20th.


February 20 - Sunday

Last year NECA announced that it was once again setting its sights on John Carpenter's sci-fi/horror classic The Thing, giving fans a Halloween treat with an early look at the dog figure they had planned for collectors and fans. With even better news today, NECA took to Instagram to show off the two new figures in all their gory and mutated glory.

The alien infected sled dog that makes a break from the Norwegians, only to infect another outpost on the Antarctic continent, will get two highly detailed figures that will feature the dog in various stages of its alien transformation. One figure will feature the infected pooch as it begins its transformation with spider-like legs and all. The second figure will feature the sled dog in its more advanced stage of transformation, complete with alien tentacles and all.

Revealed as part of its Toy Fair 2022 line of collectibles, NECA considers the two dog figures from The Thing, works in progress that could see a release as early as this year.


February 21 - Monday

The dark comedy/horror Heckle will make its way to audiences in March, when the film enjoys a digital release from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Starring Clark Gable III, Guy Combes, Madison Clare and Steve Guttenberg, Heckle will tell that story of comedian Joe Johnson, played by Combes, who falls victim to Clark Gable III's clown masked and extremely dangerous heckler, who stalks Joe at a phoneless 80's themed party. Well known for his comedic roles in the Police Academy films, Steve Guttenberg makes a small appearance as a past comedian and inspiration for Joe Johnson.

Directed by Martyn Pick and written by Airell Anthony Hayles, Heckle enjoyed its virtual FrightFest premiere back in October of 2020, and is set to enjoy a wider release when it hits digital platforms next month on March 8.


February 22 - Tuesday

Jamie Lee Curtis takes to Instagram to announce her last day on the franchise that she helped to create back in 1978.

That's right Halloween fans, Jamie Lee Curtis has signed off as her beloved character Laurie Strode, as filming comes to an end for Halloween Ends. The third film in the David Gordon Green and Danny McBride revival will wrap up the story of Laurie Strode and her more than 40 year fight to survive Michael Myers.

One could feel that love and appreciation Jamie Lee Curtis has for her fans and the Halloween franchise. She thanked her creative team and the producers that once again made Halloween a top scare in horror. She gushed about her co-stars and her Strode Strong women, while also thanking the man currently under the mask, James Jude Courtney.

Jamie Lee Curtis ends a very iconic run as one of horror's most beloved heroines. It was exciting to watch Laurie Strode go from babysitter in peril, to the fighter she has become in past Halloween films, and now our current day trilogy. Many thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis for her contributions to horror, and here's to hoping that Laurie Strode isn't killed off. It would be nice to see a quick cameo, or two, in the future.


February 23 - Wednesday

Friday the 13th Part III and The Cabin in the Woods will be getting another steelbook treatment soon, Friday the 13th Part III from Paramount Pictures and The Cabin in the Woods from Best Buy as an exclusive edition.

Paramount Pictures will honor Friday the 13th Part III for 40 years of scares with a steelbook Blu-ray release that will take place in May. Containing the theatrical release of the film, as well as special features and extras from past releases of the film, Friday the 13th Part III will be the perfect addition to any steelbook collection.

While you're pre-ordering Jason's hockey mask debut, be sure to also pre-order the latest The Cabin in the Woods steelbook edition from Best Buy. The retailer exclusive will feature a 4K UHD version of the film, with plenty of features and extras to keep the scare going long after the film is finished. The Cabin in the Woods will be available from Best Buy on April 19, while Friday the 13th Part III will be available to own on May 10.


February 24 - Thursday

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is enjoying quite the release, even if the reviews aren't all that stellar. Finding a home and premiere on Netflix, Texas Chainsaw Massacre has become the 2nd most watched movie over the weekend.

What the film lacks in story and dialogue can almost be made up for with the bloody, and at times fun, kills that the film contains. Directed by David Blue Garcia and written by Chris Thomas Devlin, based on a story from Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a not so surprising hit on Netflix, mostly due to the return of some well known characters and the fact that the film was toted as a "requel", a term beautifully explained in Scream, released earlier this year.

Olivia Munn will take on walkers and other perils while surviving alongside others in Tales of the Walking Dead.

The six episode anthology series from AMC will be the second television spinoff based on the Walking Dead series. Already in production and well into casting, we've seen stars like Terry Crews, Embeth Davidtz, Anthony Edwards, Jessie T. Usher and Parker Posey join Tales of the Walking Dead, which will also feature crossovers from Fear the Walking Dead cast members.

Creators Channing Powell and Scott M. Gimple will bring about the next tale of survivors and walkers with Tales of the Walking Dead, a show that will help fill the void that The Walking Dead will leave behind, when it ends its series run after going eleven years strong.


February 25 - Friday

Two upcoming works of horror are on their way, both films having gotten their release dates.

Coming next year from Disney and director Justin Simien, Haunted Mansion will see its theatrical release a little more than a year from now, on March 10. Starring Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Danny DeVito, LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish, Haunted Mansion will tell the story of Gabbie, a single mother who hires a mix of people, including a historian, a psychic and a priest, to help Gabbie rid her newly acquired mansion of ghosts and other supernatural beings.

Also setting its sights on a theatrical release for next year will be Universal's Dracula spinoff, Renfield. Directed by Chris McKay and written by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ridley, Renfield will tell the modern day story of Dracula's insane, yet loyal servant, who decides to lead his own life away from the servitude that has consumed him over the centuries. Spurred on by a new love interest in Rebecca Quincy, Renfield will be the violent, horror comedy you won't want to miss.

Scheduled to hit theaters next year on April 14, Renfield will star Nicholas Hoult in the title role, as well as Nicolas Cage, Awkwafina, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Adrian Martinez and Ben Schwartz.


February 26 - Saturday

The Tell Tale Heart picks up more awards, this time at the Medellin International Film Festival and Thrills and Chills Film Awards.

The short film directed by McClain Lindquist, who co-wrote the film along with John Lindquist, is a re-imagined psychological thriller adapted from the short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

No stranger to awards, The Tell Tale Heart adds two more wins to its trophy case after being picked as an Official Selection at Medellin International, and scooping up the award for Best First Time Filmmaker for McClain Lindquist at Thrills and Chills.

Starring Sonny Grimsley, James C. Morris, Mikah Olsen and Teren Turner, The Tell Tale Heart continues its amazing film festival run, and anyone looking for more information on the film can find it here.


Well, horror fans, that's been your horror recap of some of the scares that occurred last week. As you can see we have plenty of scares coming our way in the next few months, even the next year, and even though it feels far off, those screams and chills will be here before you know it. Until then, be sure to visit Horror Junket every once in awhile to catch up on the latest scares and terror going on in your favorite genre. I'll see you next week!

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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