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First Look At 'Puppet Master: The Game' Thief Game Mode

October Games has another Puppet Master: The Game trailer for you, this time showcasing the game's Thief game mode feature. In the planned 3 vs 1 asymmetrical multiplayer experience, players will be able to enjoy a brand new Puppet Master experience, perfect for any fan, old or new.

From October Games and Full Moon Features comes Puppet Master: The Game, a fan project in its beginnings that has grown into something so much more. Inspired by the 33-year-old franchise created by Charles Band, Puppet Master: The Game will featuring all of your favorite pint-sized killers like Blade, Six-Shooter, Leech Woman, and more, as you and other players engage in bloody, Puppet Master inspired multiplayer action.

Releasing next year in March, Puppet Master: The Game will include different modes of gameplay, allowing players to enjoy all kinds of Puppet Master action. Thief game mode will allow up to 4 players to play on one of many Puppet Master locations inspired by the saga of films. One player will take control of a thief whose only objective is to steal Toulon's reanimation elixir. The other three players will step into the roles of their favorite murderous puppets to prevent the theft of Andre Toulon's life work.

The Free to Play online multiplayer experience will become available on Steam next year on Wednesday, March 1, along with the promise that so much more will make it into the game after its Steam release. Jump on Steam today and add Puppet Master: The Game to your wishlist now.

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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