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Three More Days And 'Evil Dead: The Game' Is Free On Epic Games

Updated: Jan 12

Hey PC gamers! If you've been dragging your feet on Evil Dead: The Game, your excuses have just run out. Only on Epic Games starting November 17, Evil Dead: The Game will be free to those brave enough to play.

From Saber Interactive, Evil Dead: The Game not only gives players a PVP experience filled with Evil Dead lore, but a game that pits players against Deadites as well, as they step into the shoes of one of the grooviest demon slayers ever known, Ash Williams.

Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer horror survival experience that allows players to be their favorite characters from the Evil Dead universe. Play on maps, and use weapons, inspired by the blood-soaked, over-the-top franchise, that will surely enjoy a surge of new players in just a few more days.

Jump on your rig and get started on your Evil Dead: The Game adventure when it becomes free on the Epic Games marketplace on November 17, the promotion continuing until November 24.

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