• Eric J. Cullen

Entertainment Weekly Gives Fans an Exclusive Look at Upcoming 'Resident Evil' Series

Updated: Nov 19

Entertainment Weekly nabs the exclusive first look at Resident Evil's recent adaptation, a fresh, original Netflix series inspired by the franchise started back in 1996.

With the cast having been revealed sometime ago, it's no surprise to see Lance Reddick in the role of Albert Wesker, and Ella Balinska as his daughter Jade. The true standout in this exclusive from EW, however, is the zombie dog, one of my most hated enemies in the Resident Evil games. Most adaptations of RE have done right by these four-legged--surely not man's best friend--diseased canines, and it appears that Netflix's upcoming series will give them the same respect. Just look at how playful that doggo looks!

Netflix's Resident Evil will take place almost three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, and 20+ years after the zombie virus outbreak that occurred in Raccoon City. Split between two timelines, set in the years 2036 and 2022, the series will focus on the Wesker family, and a large corporation known as Umbrella. Season one of Netflix's Resident Evil is set to premiere next month on July 14.

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