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Dee Wallace Once Again Joins Rob Zombie, This Time For 'The Munsters'

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

That's right, it's not their first collaboration and this time Dee Wallace will lend her voice to Rob Zombie's currently in-the-works, The Munsters.

Don't expect to see her onscreen, but for those with their ears perked, you will notice the voice of Dee Wallace as, "the voice of Good Morning Transylvania! Transylvania’s 2nd favorite morning show… soon slipping to 3rd if they don’t update their format," according to The Munster's director, who took to his Instagram to announce the casting news.

Having worked together already in Rob Zombie's adaptation of horror classic, Halloween, as well as The Lords of Salem and 3 From Hell, it will be fun to watch The Munsters and keep an ear out for Dee Wallace's voice, which still takes me back to E.T., if I'm being honest.

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