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BUZZ: Neve Campbell and Marley Shelton Will Return For 'Scream 5'

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

With filming set to continue next week, Neve Campbell confirms on Instagram, her return to the Scream franchise. News from another source confirms that Marley Shelton will reprise her role of Deputy Judy Hicks. Shelton joined the franchise in Scream 4, released back in 2011.

Scream 5 will be the first film in the series that will not have Wes Craven as director and Kevin Williamson is set to return as an executive producer but not as the film's writer. It was confirmed in the last few months that both David Arquette and Courteney Cox would be back to reprise their roles of Dewey and Gail Weathers, and like Campbell's Sidney Prescott, have been in every Scream film since the first.

Expect to see plenty of new faces in Scream 5 when it begins filming in Wilmington, North Carolina on September 22.

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