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A New 'Resident Evil' Showcase Drops Thursday

In just a few days Capcom will host another Resident Evil Showcase, as we near the release of the Winters' Expansion coming next week, and the remake of Resident Evil 4 due out next year.

Back in June Capcom Showcase 2022 revealed the story of Resident Evil Village would be expanding, this time with a focus on Rose, Ethan's daughter, giving players control of the teenager coming to grips with her past, and new powers. The popular Mercenaries game mode within RE Village would also be getting more content, adding two new playable characters to the mix with Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu making their debut. And finally a new third-person mode for the main story that takes you out of Ethan's POV, to the more classic RE over the shoulder look. All this and more will be available when the expansion releases later this month on Friday, October 28.

Resident Evil 4 is set to make a comeback next year when the remake hits consoles and PC on Friday, March 24, and those tuning in to the showcase will be treated to a new trailer and gameplay footage of the upcoming remake. Feelings towards the game have been mostly positive, even after it was revealed that the remake would see a few changes to the story, while also cleaning up some of the dialog, and giving the axe to Jack Krauser, a Wesker henchman. the remake will follow in the footsteps of other remade titles like 2019's Resident Evil 2 and 2020's Resident Evil 3.

Be sure to keep an eye out for some news on the Resident Evil RE:Verse when you tune into the Resident Evil Showcase on Resident Evil's YouTube channel. The fun begins at 3:00pm Pacific Time on Thursday, October 20.

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