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EVENT: 2020 Cult Classic Convention Will Kick Off Feb. 14th-16th

Fans of horror and cult classics, it's time to get down to Bastrop, Texas for the 2020 Cult Classic Convention event.

The 2020 Cult Classic Convention, a self-described gathering of the cult genres, will bring together celebrities, music, and vendors, for three days at the Bastrop Convention & Exhibit Center.

Those in attendance can expect guest appearances by Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead), Tamara Glynn (Halloween 5: The Return of Michael Myers) and Tom Fridley (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives). Music and live performances will be provided by bands like Texas Microphone Massacre, Ghoul Town and Rebel Flesh.

Once at the convention be sure to check out the many vendors and artists that will be there. Those featured will include Abominable Grisly, Rogue Pumpkin Studios, Brian Clegg, Disco Bloodbath and so many more it make us wonder how they're all going to fit?

If you're looking for a weekend filled with horror and fun, cult classic throwbacks, then stop on by the 2020 Cult Classic Convention at the Bastrop Convention & Exhibit Center in Bastrop, TX. The horror begins Feb. 14th-16th.

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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