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  • Eric J. Cullen

GAMING: 'World War Z' is the Perfect Zombie Shooter

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Saber Interactive has a zombie hit on their hands and the reception is well deserved.

With over one million copies sold since its release on April 16th, console and PC gamers are jumping onboard for the zombie shooter that takes from the hit movie by the same name and Valve's Left 4 Dead (2008).

Announced in 2017 at The Game Awards by Saber Interactive, World War Z was presented as a third person shooter that has four players battling large waves of zombies in locations all around the world. With loadouts that outfit players with assault rifles, SMGs and medkits players kill zombies in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and Japan. Mechanics of the zombies are something to be admired because as bodies stack up zombies can use this to their advantage. Missions are challenging and the game does feature AI support for those that want to keep their gameplay offline.

World War Z is a fantastic co-op shooter for those fans of the Left 4 Dead series and in a way, World War Z may be as close as fans get to a third L4D game. The game is chock full of zombies, stronger zombies and situations where players have to fortify their surroundings in order to survive. I've enjoyed my time with World War Z and there will be more hours of gameplay to come.

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