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  • Eric J. Cullen

COLLECTIBLES: 'Stranger Things' Comes to LEGO

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

With the third season of Netflix's streaming hit Stranger Things set to premiere later on July 4th, the hit show has lost no time in putting its name on product and merchandise. Teaming up with Coca-Cola and Funko POP, it comes as no surprise that LEGO would want to team up with the supernatural hit as well.

Coming in June, fans of Stranger Things can treat themselves to the 2,287 piece build of the Byer's home which can be flipped for real world/Upside Down effect. Coming with 8 minifigures based off characters from the show, this Upside Down build is sure to engage and entertain the Stranger Things fan in all LEGO builders new and mastered.

July 4th is not too far off but if you need your Stranger Things fix now, give the LEGO set a try. Available June 1st, LEGO VIP's can get the set now.

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