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NEW ROLE: Katrina Bowden Will Star in New Shark Movie, ‘Great White’

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Coming in from Deadline’s Peter White, Katrina Bowden (30 Rock, Monolith) will be taking on a new role in a thriller based off actual events.

I feel very lucky to get the chance to work in Australia, especially on a film project I love so much that is unlike others I have done before. It is going to be a very fun adventure,” says Bowden, who will be joining others in Australia to begin filming on new film, Great White.

Centered around two pilots and their crew who crash into the ocean, these unlucky flyers are not out of troubled waters yet, the group must try to swim to land before they become Tetra fish food for two hungry great white sharks.

There’s nothing scarier than being lost at sea with unseen sharks below you and it seems like Great White will be delivering that fear, hopefully soon. No release date is known yet but this sure would make a good summer movie.

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