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Johannes Roberts And Byron Allen Helm Summer Shark Thriller 'The Red Triangle'

Just when you thought Shark Week was the only shark related horror to look forward to this summer, Johannes Roberts - in partnership with Byron Allen's Allen Media Group Motion Pictures - have announced that they have some thrilling news when it comes to their new summer film that is sure to pack a bite.

No stranger at all to shark thrillers, Johannes Roberts, the director of 47 Meters Down and its sequel, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged - both films pulling in over $100 million combined during their summer releases - will write and direct The Red Triangle, with the goal of having the summer creature feature ready by the time summer rolls around.

The plot details remain scarce at this time, but we do know that a sinking cruise ship will be at the center of the story with passengers having to worry about more than just drowning. The story takes inspiration from the famed area off the coast of northern California, known for its abundant amount of marine life, including seals and great white sharks. The 200 miles of coastline has earned a reputation for great white attacks on humans accounting for over 1/3 of the reported great white attacks worldwide.

The Red Triangle is well-positioned to be a big summer event movie,” says executive producer Byron Allen. "This shark-filled psychological horror/thriller will once again have moviegoers overwhelmed and on the edge of their seats watching great white sharks methodically terrorize a sinking family cruise ship.”

Johannes Roberts was quick to add that the film, " going to take shark horror to a whole new level. I cannot wait to work with Byron again to terrify audiences like they’ve never been terrified before.”

For those that countdown the days until summer waiting for anything and everything shark related, be sure to keep an eye out for all the news that is sure to come before The Red Triangle swims into theaters and takes a bite out of your summer.

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