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  • Eric J. Cullen

Horrific Recap of November 28 - December 4, 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Well look at that, horror fans! November was here and now it is gone with December quickly its place. Holiday cheer might be right around the corner but I know that the horror still burns strong within each and everyone of you. I hope to keep that dark flame burning strong with another Horrific Recap for you. Go on and grab that fright pillow that's gotten you through some of these scares, as we dive into some of the horror that occurred last week starting with Sunday.


November 28 - Sunday

Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 hit Broadway classic, The Phantom of the Opera is getting the drawn treatment from Titan Comics with a brand new printed adaptation, available as early as next month.

The Phantom will live again, this time in graphic novel form to once again haunt the stage while trying to capture the heart of Christine.

From writer Cavan Scott and artist José María Beroy comes the familiar tale of horror, love and song in The Phantom of the Opera, available in the UK on December 7 and later in the U.S. and Canada on January 12. 2022.


November 29 - Monday

Alligator, the scaly creature feature from Cujo director Lewis Teague, is set to get the Blu-ray treatment.

Coming from Scream Factory, the 4k release of Alligator written by John Sayles and Frank Ray Perilli, tells the story of a baby alligator, flushed down the toilet and forced to survive on chemically altered rodents, takes to the streets of New York City for some chaos and carnage.

Alligator will be available next year to own on February 22, 2022.


November 30 - Tuesday

Renfield, the upcoming Dracula inspired film has found their Prince of Darkness in award winning actor Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage has been stealing headlines with his recent choices in films like Pig and Willy's Wonderland from earlier in the year. The actor's next film will see him starring alongside Nicholas Hoult and Awkwafina. Renfield will be directed by Chris McKay and written by Ryan Ridley, based off a story by Robert Kirkman.