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COLLECTIBLES: Funko Brings Universal Classic Monsters to Mystery Minis

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Ashley Schwellenbach over at Funko brings word that Universal's Monsters of old like Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and his Bride are coming to Mystery Minis most like in Q3 of this year.

Mystery Minis has brought back plenty of shows and horror icons in the shrunk down form that many collectors have come to know and love so why should the Universal line of horror icons be any different?

"If you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night, the macabre, the creepy, the ghoulish and the terrifying, the Universal Monsters Mystery Minis series is the perfect opportunity to get your creep on," says Schwellenbach. As someone who has sworn off of these addicting collectibles, I find it hard to look at these figures knowing I can't own them yet, and I should stay my course. Easy to say though when you don't have a fondness for the classics, especially the macabre classics.

Then of course Funko has to strike again because Funko never makes it easy. Schwellenbach also had this to add. "An exclusive Black and White set will be available at Walgreens!" Great.

Bust out your wallets. Go make your pre-orders and get in touch with the retail employees who help you out most because coming sometime this year will be Mystery Minis: Universal Monsters.

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