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  • Eric J. Cullen

NEW ROLE: Emily Hampshire Takes Lead Role In New Horror Film 'Home'

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Coming in from Variety's Dave McNary, Emily Hampshire will star in Home, a new horror film produced by Delirium Pictures, that will begin shooting in Montreal in the next couple of days.

Emily has quite the list of credits under her belt including her roles in 12 Monkeys and Schitt's Creek and now she will be adding executive producer to that list joining the director of Home along with Benoit Beaulieu who will producing as well.

For her role in Home, Emily will be starring as Meredith, a new mother who loses her newborn Alex and shortly after, her husband Jared abandons her. Convinced that her newborn son Alex is still alive, Meredith's plans for reconciliation are thwarted by an evil entity that will go to great lengths to keep mother and son apart in the lonely house.

Directed by Adam O'Brien and written by Philip Kalin-Hajdu, Home will begin filming in the next few days and we can expect to see its release sometime next year in 2020.

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