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  • Eric J. Cullen

LOOKING BACK: Devon Sawa Talks 'Idle Hands' With

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

While it may not be at all likely to happen, sometimes it's just good to hear actors from your favorite movies would do a sequel at the drop of a hat.

For example, when Devon Sawa, star of horror/comedy Idle Hands, sat down with to dish about his new film The Fanatic, talk of a sequel was brought up and Sawa was more than happy to open up on the topic.

“In a heartbeat. If there was one film that I want to do a sequel to that would be the one. Just because that set was, between Elden Henson, and Seth Green, and Vivica Fox, Jessica Alba, Jack Noseworthy, and all those people, it was like summer camp and it was so much fun,” says Sawa.

Unfortunately for Devon Sawa fans, a sequel for Idle Hands is nowhere in sight but be sure to check out his latest movie, The Fanatic, when it releases August 30th in theaters and September 6th on VOD.

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