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"Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed" dévoile son premier contenu téléchargeable et plus à venir en 2023

IllFonic et Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed ont de nouveaux contenus passionnants en réserve pour les joueurs avec de nouvelles cartes, de nouveaux fantômes et bien plus encore à venir dans le jeu multijoueur, à partir du premier trimestre de l'année prochaine. Début 2023, IllFonic publiera son premier DLC prévu pour Ghostbusters : Spirits Unleashed , présentant aux joueurs une nouvelle carte appelée The Facility et un nouveau Ghost appelé Muncher, un spectre effrayant qui a été vu pour la dernière fois dans le nouveau Ghostbusters : Afterlife . L'installation réunira Ghostbusters pour essayer de débarrasser le centre de santé condamné de son fléau fantomatique, un exploit qui permettra au bâtiment de faire peau neuve. Mais attention car Muncher est maintenant libre et il ne sera pas expulsé sans se battre. De nouvelles options de personnalisation des personnages viendront également avec le DLC, en plus des correctifs et du support qui permettront à Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed de fonctionner correctement pour vous et jusqu'à quatre amis. IllFonic's Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed est sorti sur consoles et PC - via Epic Games - le 18 octobre, présentant aux joueurs une expérience asymétrique 4v1 inspirée de la franchise à succès Ghostbusters . Au lancement, le jeu avait cinq cartes à découvrir, ainsi que quatre chasseurs de fantômes et cinq fantômes parmi lesquels choisir. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed se situe actuellement avec une note de 4,5 étoiles sur 5 sur Epic Games Store, et plusieurs autres meilleures notes de critiques comme Shacknews , Big Shiny Robot et Gaming Cypher . Plus de nouvelles et d'informations sont en route d'IllFonic et Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed avant que le premier DLC ne frappe les consoles et PC. À partir de l'année prochaine, les joueurs peuvent s'attendre à quatre nouveaux DLC remplis de contenu Ghostbusters, qui ne manqueront pas d'ajouter encore plus de plaisir à ce qui est une expérience de jeu déjà agréable.

"Nocebo" arrive en salles en Irlande et au Royaume-Uni la semaine prochaine

Nocebo arrive en salles en Irlande et au Royaume-Uni la semaine prochaine, le film réalisé par Lorcan Finnegan et écrit par Garret Shanley . Avec Eva Green , Mark Strong , Chai Fonacier , Billie Gadsdon et Cathy Belton , Nocebo raconte l'histoire de Christine, une mère et créatrice de mode qui souffre d'une maladie mystérieuse qui déconcerte ses médecins et frustre son mari. L'aide arrive d'une aide-soignante philippine, Diana, dont l'arrivée révèle des réponses à un horrible mystère. Les droits de distribution nord-américains de Nocebo ont été acquis par RJLE Films en septembre, et le film a bénéficié d'une sortie en salles limitée le 4 novembre, ainsi que d'une sortie en ligne le 22 novembre. Shudder s'occupera de la sortie en streaming du film, qui est prévue pour la prochaine an. Nocebo a, jusqu'à présent, reçu des critiques mitigées de la part des critiques et des cinéphiles, et le public irlandais et britannique peut enfin peser lorsque Nocebo profite de ses sorties en salles, limitées au Royaume-Uni, le 9 décembre .

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Enters the National Film Registry

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden announced today the films that would be entering The Library of Congress' National Film Registry , and fans of a certain witty dream-stalker will be quite pleased with the news. A Nightmare on Elm Street enters the National Film Registry, along with other films like Selena , Pink Flamingos and Richard Pryor: Live in Concert . Written and directed by Wes Craven , A Nightmare on Elm Street would go on to become the movie that saved New Line Cinema , branding the production company as the 'House That Freddy Built'. The Library of Congress' had this to say about A Nightmare on Elm Street , in their official press release. "The great horror maestro Wes Craven, as both writer and director, gave a generation of teens (of all ages) terminal insomnia with this imaginative and intense slasher scare fest. Freddy Krueger (played by soon-to-be legend Robert Englund) is the burn-scarred ghost of a psychopathic child killer, now returned to haunt your dreams and take his revenge! Heather Langenkamp stars as the heroic Nancy, who figures out who Freddy is and must be the one to stop him. Also in the cast: Johnny Depp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley and Charles Fleischer. Made on a budget under $2 million, “Elm Street” became a box office sensation and has inspired numerous sequels (including a film that pitted Freddy against Jason of the “Friday the 13th” films), a 2010 remake, a TV series, books, comic books and videogames, making it one of the most successful film franchises in the history of any cinematic genre."

'Alone with You' Coming to VOD This February

From co-writers and co-directors Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks comes the horror/suspense film Alone with You , which enjoyed its Fantastic Fest premiere last year back in September. Starring Emily Bennett , Emma Myles , Dora Madison , Meghan Lane and Barbara Crampton , Alone with You will tell the unsettling story of Charlie, who experiences a number of troubling incidents while making up the apartment for the return of her girlfriend Simone. Not everything is what it seems in Alone with You , available to rent or purchase on various Video On Demand platforms on February 4.

'Arachnophobia' Gets Caught Up in the Web of Remakes

Director of the Happy Death Day films, Christopher Landon , has set his sights on Arachnophobia as his next feature film venture, with Amblin Entertainment giving the green light for the remake treatment of the 1990 big spider horror flick. Along with James Wan and his company Atomic Monster , production is set to get underway with Christopher Landon both writing and directing the remake. Also joining the Arachnophobia remake is director of the original 1990 film, Frank Marshall , who will serve as an executive producer for the project. Plot details remain unknown at this time, while production that is expected to ramp up later in the year.

'Candyman' From Director Nia DaCosta Hits Theaters

The long awaited return of Candyman is here with a new story of the hook-handed killer, from producer Jordan Peele and director Nia DaCosta . Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II , Teyonah Parris , Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Colman Domingo , this new tale in the Candyman story has been ready for an audience since last year back in June. The film was delayed three times due to COVID, before finally seeing its release today on this beautiful day in horror. Candyman 's new story will not be without its origins, as audiences will see the return of Vanessa Williams and Tony Todd , two stars that played pivotal roles in the 1992 film Candyman . For those not wanting to venture away from home, they can enjoy Candyman when it releases on VOD next month on September 17 .

'Candyman' Gets a 3-Disc Collector’s Edition From Scream Factory

Even though a Blu-ray edition of Candyman released a few months ago, those that have been waiting for something more--or those that don't mind buying something twice--now have a 4K UHD 3-disc Collector's Edition of Candyman to look forward to. Scream Factory presents this fully packed edition of the 1992 film will have 4K UHD versions of both the theatrical and unrated cuts of the film, included on the first disc. Audio commentary from director Bernard Rose , actor Tony Todd and noted film historians will be included as well, packaged nicely with Dolby sound and vision enhancements. Disc two will include the Blu-ray theatrical cut of the film, as well as commentary, interviews, trailers and TV spots for the film. Disc three will contain not only the Blu-ray unrated version of Candyman , but also interviews with actresses Virginia Madsen and Vanessa Williams . Truly a must have for any Candyman fan, this 3-disc Collector's Edition is up for pre-order now at various retailers, and will be available to own next month on May 24 .

'Carrie' Is Inducted Into Nation Film Registry

Twenty-five films made it into the National Film Registry this year and Brian De Palma 's 1976 horror hit Carrie was one of them. The Library of Congress has revealed its full list and films like The Little Mermaid , House Party , and Iron Man , join Carrie in being preserved due to their cultural, historic or aesthetic importance to preserving the nation’s film heritage. Carrie , based on author Stephen King 's first published novel by the same name, would receive widespread critical acclaim upon its release in September of 1976. Roger Ebert , at the time with the Chicago Sun-Times , called Carrie an "absolutely spellbinding horror movie", with many moviegoers feeling the same way. Carrie would go on to be nominated for two Oscars at the 49th Academy Awards , one for Sissy Spacek in the Best Actress category, and Piper Laurie for Best Supporting Actress. Lawrence D. Cohen would adapt Carrie into a screenplay. The second draft received the thumbs up from United Artists , who was producing the film, and Brian De Palma, who was directing. The cast of Carrie would include a number of young and talented actors. John Travolta would go on to become a big name in Hollywood. Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving , and Nancy Allen would enjoy smaller careers, while P.J. Soles became a big name in the horror community with her later role in 1978's Halloween . Spawning a sequel, a television series, a Broadway musical, and a remake, Carrie is the perfect candidate for preservation in the United States' film history. The Library of Congress and the National Film Registry truly honor the genre of horror by including Brian De Palma's Carrie , among a list of 825 already preserved films.

'Chucky' Gets A Killer New Poster

A new poster has been revealed for the upcoming Chucky television series that will premiere on Syfy and USA next month. Never without a knife, Chucky shines on the poster, along with the rest of the cast, for what should be a unique reboot of the killer doll franchise by Child's Play creator Don Mancini . Many familiar faces return for Chucky's TV adventures including Alex Vincent , Jennifer Tilly , Fiona Dourif and Christine Elise . Newer faces include Devon Sawa , Zackary Arthur , Carina Battrick , Jana Peck and Bjorgvin Arnarson . Of course Brad Dourif returns as the voice of everyone's favorite killer doll, when Chucky premieres on Syfy and USA next month on Tuesday , October 12 .

'Chucky' Gets Orders For A Third Season

Fans of Chucky will be happy to hear the series from USA Network and Syfy has been renewed for a third season. Getting it's start back in 2021, Chucky has been well-received as a continuation of the Child's Play franchise, following the iconic killer doll as he wreaks havoc in the small town of Hackensack.
The first two seasons of Chucky have been met with a positive audience reception, with the series drawing in 4.4 million viewers during it's premiere week in October of 2021. The show was an instant hit in the world of horror, and the writing, direction, and performances all came together well to give horror fans and casual viewers an entertaining and thrilling watch.
The third season of Chucky is expected to continue the infamous killer doll's adventures, with events at the end of the show's second season taking a handful of the characters to New York. Chucky 's creator and executive producer, Don Mancini , has promised that the upcoming season is "very worked out" and we could even see the return of more legacy characters. Anyone for Tyler from Child's Play 3 ?
Child's Play as a television series was a very creative step to take in the franchise. In addition to Chucky, the show features a cast of well-developed characters, including teenagers and adults who become embroiled in the doll's deadly games. Brad Dourif , who has voiced Chucky in every film in the franchise, is simply perfect, and is joined by an ensemble cast that includes Jennifer Tilly , Fiona Dourif , and Alex Vincent , and newcomers Zackary Arthur , Björgvin Arnarson , and Alyvia Alyn Lind . The series has also been praised for its use of practical effects and puppetry to bring Chucky to life. Many fears of over the top CGI were put to rest even before the show's premiere in 2021, with creator Don Mancini taking to social media to provide his fans with some behind the scenes material.
The renewal of Chucky for a third season is a testament to the show's popularity and success. Overall, the success of Chucky can be attributed to the show's ability to deliver both scares and laughs, its well-developed characters, and its commitment to making a Chucky based series that enjoyable for fans both old and new. As the show awaits the start of production for the next season, fans can expect more of the same thrilling and entertaining horror that has made Chucky one of the most beloved horror icons of all time.

'Chucky' Goes To The White House In Season 3

It was a great night for Chucky fans last night, when horror's favorite killer doll took to the nation's capitol, for his third go-around on Syfy and USA . But don't feel left out, you can catch up on Chucky's latest horrific antics on YouTube , where the episode titled, "Murder at 1600," awaits your repeated views.
Finding a new friend in Season 3, Chucky is still keeping tabs on the troublesome trio from his past - Jake, Devon, and Lexy - while he continues to take power in the way he knows best - murder. But don't rule out those pesky teens, as they embark on a double quest to not only find Lexy's sister, Caroline, but stop Chucky, again. All your favorite familiar faces are back, including Brad Dourif , Jennifer Tilly , Zackary Arthur , Bjorgvin Arnarson , Alyvia Alyn Lind , and Devon Sawa , for another season with a body count, created by Don Mancini . Be sure to tune into Syfy and USA for all of Chucky's latest, bloody adventures that will take you right into Halloween.

'Chucky' Goes To Washington In New Teaser Trailer

All hail Chucky! I know I'm not alone in saying, I wish Chucky 's third season was here already, but being the patient person I am, I can that I'm thankful for the latest trailer that's released, which also puts to rest my fear that Devon Sawa was not going to be present for round three. Chucky infiltrates the White House in the latest from the killer doll series created by Don Mancini , and now that his army of Chuckys has been defeated, it will be exciting to see how Chucky's new Presidential storyline will tie-in with the stories of Tiffany, Nica, Jake, Devon, and Lexi. Season three of Chucky will once again star Zackary Arthur , Bjorgvin Arnarson , Alyvia Alyn Lind , Fiona Dourif , Jennifer Tilly , and Brad Dourif , the next batch of episodes all ready to be unleashed on horror audiences next month, available to watch on USA Network , SyFy , and Peacock , next month on Wednesday, October 4th .

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