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  • Eric J. Cullen

EVENT: Winchester Mystery House Presents Unhinged Tour

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

San Jose. Located in sunny Northern California, the city is home to one of the most mysterious houses ever built. Sitting on nearly 5 acres, the Winchester Mystery House is a hot spot for tourist and horror fanatics alike.

Five months after her September 1922 death, the seven story, 161 room mansion that belonged to the reclusive Sarah Winchester, was purchased and opened up to the public for tours. The tours continue even today, some held at night by flashlight, and around Halloween is when we can expect the spookiest of tours.

Starting September 6th, Winchester Mystery House will feature the Unhinged tour for those poor souls brave enough to endure it. The tour will be an immersive horror experience that will wind through the halls of the mystery house. The Unhinged: Lightshow will accompany the tour scares starting at 7:30pm.

Winchester Mystery House's Unhinged will begin sundown September 6th through Halloween and ending November 1st. Tickets go quick for these tours and scares so make sure to get yours soon.

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