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  • Eric J. Cullen

'Trick 'r Treat' and More Await You at Regal Theaters This Halloween Season

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Regal and its chain of theaters across the nation, will help get your October off to a spooky start, by bringing some of the biggest films in horror back to the silver screen, for an early Halloween event that is sure to be a treat to all moviegoers.

Most of the films Regal has in its horror line up have already enjoyed theatrical runs, for some, decades and decades ago. Not for Trick 'r Treat though, which when straight to video and DVD in 2009, after almost 2 years of trying for that big screen release. All that will be rectified when Regal offers horror fans a chance to finally see Trick 'r Treat in theaters next month on Thursday, October 6.

Before Halloween Ends hits theaters to conclude the current trilogy from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, the one film that started it all, from director John Carpenter and producer Debra Hill, Halloween will once again treat movie audiences to the origin of the Laurie Strode/Michael Myers saga. Fans of the 1978 classic will want to act fast and get their tickets now for the Halloween event that will occur on Friday, October 7.

And finishing off the weekend scares for early October, Regal will be giving horror fans the chance to see both The Lost Boys and Scream 2 in theaters, the Wes Craven sequel to his 1996 slasher hit, enjoying its 25th anniversary this year. Both films will be making their big theater comeback on Sunday, October 9.

So, yeah, set your calendars and alarms, get your tickets purchased, and start the spookiest month of the year off right. Coming next month to Regal theaters across the nation will be a string of frightening flicks that will be an early jump start to your spooky season.

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