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  • Eric J. Cullen

FIRST LOOK: SYFY Wire Gives A First Look For ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

SYFY Wire gives us a first look at the David M. Rosenthal directed remake of Jacob's Ladder, starring Michael Ealy and Jessie Williams.

Our scene takes place in a subway station where Jacob Singer (Ealy) is mid-conversation with Paul (Joseph Sikora) who informs Singer that his dead brother is in fact alive. Before Jacob can even take in what Paul has said, Paul is then talking about a drug that is given to returning vets to help with symptoms of PTSD.

Jacob's Ladder, a remake of the film starring Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña and Macaulay Culkin, is set to release in theaters later this month, August 23.

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