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  • Eric J. Cullen

GAMING: 'Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo' Hits Consoles

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Released back in 1998, Resident Evil 2 has been in my ‘top 3 of favorite games’ for what feels like an eternity. Here at Horror Junket you would think that makes me feel old but in reality I feel experienced… kind of. A bit.

When the remaster of RE: 2 was first announced I was stoked. I wanted this remastered version of RE: 2 almost as much as I wanted a remaster of the two Soldier of Fortune games from early 2000.

Come day of play I was absolutely stunned by the attention to detail pay the graphics design team. Everything I remembered from the original RE: 2 felt like it was there and updated and upon hearing that I could play with the original music when the games release, I could be none the happier.

The gameplay is fantastic and the story is beefed up to include more puzzles and zombies that won’t go down with a few headshots. Seriously, this has me concerned because some of these zombies felt like bullet-sponges. Nonetheless I did not let this dampen my gameplay and I was able to help Marvin a bit before the game’s timer kicked in and ended my session.

I enjoyed this demo as well as the one above my LexGames. If this is how the game is going to play and feel then I know RE fans across the globe will have something to celebrate and hype up. I think the folks at Resident Evil are on the right track with this remaster and I would like to hear rumors of Resident Evil 3 maybe getting the same treatment soon.

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