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  • Eric J. Cullen

GAMING: Remember 'Dead Island 2'? It's Still In Development

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

GamesRadar's Heather Wald brings us news on a game long thought dead by its fans but not anymore. Maybe. Hopefully.

Dead Island 2 has been in development hell since its announcement back in 2012. Fans of the first game were quick to put down money on preorders but since then, that money has just sat there or the preorder cancelled.

Techland, the developer who helped create the first Dead Island along with Deep Silver, dropped the zombie sequel to focus on their own soon-to-be hit, Dying Light. Nothing much happened afterwards for Dead Island 2 and the game was passed onto Yager, then Sumo Digital and since nothing has been heard... until today.

THQ Nordic announced that the game has been entrusted to Dambuster Studios and that's about it. No release date has been mentioned so I would not expect the game to drop this year or even the next but fans of Dead Island can rejoice that development is moving out of hell and into cooler places.

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