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NEW ROLE: Rochelle Aytes Has Been Cast In 'The Lost Boys' Pilot

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The pilot for CW's The Lost Boys casts Rochelle Aytes (Left 4 Dead 2, Hawaii Five-0) as mother to two teen boys, who move to an east coast town inhabited by vampires.

Recently it was announced that Branden Cook, Lincoln Younes and Ruby Cruz had been cast as leads in the upcoming pilot that will tell an updated story of the star-studded 1980's vampire classic.

Aytes will be playing Jackie, mother to Garrett, played by Cook, and her son Levi, who move back to Jackie's hometown. Struggling to keep her family afloat, Jackie hopes to reconnect with her father and the roots she left behind.

The pilot was asked to undergo retooling last year in May, after those at CW decided not to move forward with it.

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