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It's Gonna Be A 'Joe Bob' Kinda Christmas Everybody!

Updated: Jan 12

Just when you thought all the holiday cheer was going to get you down, Joe Bob Briggs - the horror host with a drive-in you need to see - has you covered next month with a double feature that will deck your halls with some chills and thrills.

Coming to Shudder in December, Joe Bob's Ghoultide Get-Together will be this year's The Last Drive-In Christmas event to behold. Let the once MonsterVision host and Darcy the Mail Girl keep you company on a chilly evening with two scary Yuletide movies and a holiday auction benefiting charity.

Much thanks goes out to The Mutant Fam on Twitter for the horrifically good news which was later retweeted by both Joe Bob and Darcy.

Mix a little terror into your holiday cheer when you tune into Joe Bob's Ghoultide Get-Together on Shudder next month, the scares starting Friday, December 16 at 9pm EST.

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