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  • Eric J. Cullen

COMING SOON: 'IT: Chapter Two' Trailer Coming Thursday

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

An ad in NYC Times Square has revealed that this coming Thursday fans of Andy Muschietti's IT will be privy to a trailer for the upcoming second part of the Stephen King penned childhood horror story.

It's a short ad with no title attached to it but the ad, with its ominous red lettering and even more scary red balloons, can only mean one thing. A trailer for IT: Chapter Two.

It was tweeted last week by producer Barbara Muschietti that fans, new and old, should expect some word on the upcoming horror movie that shows the youth of the Losers Club all 'grow'd up.' I know that I wait in anticipation for the Muschietti sibling movie, much as I did for the first movie in the two part series.

Creeping into theaters later this year on September 6th, IT: Chapter Two will have an all star cast including the talents of James McAvoy ("Filth", "Glass"), Jessica Chastain ("Lawless", "Zero Dark Thirty"), and Bill Hader (HBO's "Barry", "Trainwreck"). Come Thursday, I will have the new trailer up for your viewing pleasure.

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