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  • Eric J. Cullen

'I Know What You Need' Teaser Trailer Arrives on YouTube

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Those behind the upcoming short film, I Know What You Need, indeed, know just what I need when it comes to this Dollar Baby adaptation of the short story by author Stephen King.

Released earlier today on YouTube, the teaser trailer for I Know What You Need is full of vivid color and eye-catching characters. Seeing Ed for the first time has my excitement building for the short film that has been in development for the two years.

From writer and director Julia Marchese, I Know What You Need will tell the story of Elizabeth, a popular college student who happens to meet Ed, a young man that seems to know Elizabeth better than she knows herself.

Starring Caroline Ryder, William Champion, Colin Fin, and Giovanna Drummond, I Know What You Need is still currently in post-production, and awaits the viewing pleasure of bestselling author Stephen King, as well as all the fans I Know What You Need has picked up along the way.

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