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  • Eric J. Cullen

Horrific Recap of September 19 - 25, 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Welcome back, aficionados of horror. We start another week of scares, terror and dread on this beautiful Sunday, but before we do that, it's time for another Horrific Recap of some the horror that occurred last week. Go ahead and grab that pillow tight—a little tighter now, as we dive into last week's all-too-spooky horror news.


Sunday - September 19

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are back together again, this time for a one-hour baking show that will deliver heaping piles of competition, along with scares and good food.

Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween special will air on Peacock next month. The duo— along with food creator Alvin Zhou—will be the judging panel when it comes to the spookiness of some tasty and elaborate food creations. Large scale Halloween worlds will be made by teams of three bakers, tasked with bringing the spirit of the season to their epic creations.

Be sure to tune in and don't forget to bring a snack because Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween, is sure to make your mouth water when it debuts on Peacock next month on Thursday, October 14.


Monday - September 20

The final trailer for Halloween Kills is here and it looks like Michael will have his work cut out for him.

The sequel to 2018's hit Halloween will bring a whole town together, in an effort to put an end to evil in its most pure form. Halloween Kills will see the return of some familiar faces, faces that haven't been seen since the original Halloween stalked audiences back in 1978.

Laurie Strode, her family and the rest of Haddonfield, Illinois will faces off against Michael Myers when Halloween Kills hits theaters and Peacock, next month on October 15.

Ryan Kruger's short film #MeowToo will be screening at Grimmfest this year. Director, writer and producer Ryan Kruger returns to the festival, that last year was host to his extraterrestrial film, Fried Barry.

The short film #MeowToo will tell the story of anthropomorphic Meow, a feline heroine caught up in the maniacal plans of film producer Alan. #MeowToo stars Suraya Rose Santos, Alex Anlos, Billings Siwila and Gary Green, fresh off his success with