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Horrific Recap of February 27 - March 5, 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It's the beginning of another beautiful horror filled week and that means we have some scares to look back at with another Horrific Recap brought to you by Horror Junket. Last week had a good number of scares going on and I hope to touch on most of them as we dive right in. Go on and grab your fright pillow tight--a little tighter now as we look at last week's scares, starting with Sunday.


February 27 - Sunday

During a Q&A panel at Mad Monster Horror Party, Neve Campbell confirmed her return for the sixth Scream film, currently in very early pre-production.

“They have approached me. There’s no script yet. There is a draft coming soon is what I was told. Actually, I was supposed to call a producer yesterday, because he wanted to talk to me about what’s going on. You know, we’ll see. I’ll read the script and see how I feel," says Campbell during the horror convention that took place in Concord, North Carolina.

The sixth Scream film will begin production later this year in the summer. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are returning to direct, with James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick also returning to write the film.


February 28 - Monday

Trick or Treat Studios kicks off Toy Fair 2022 with three new figures featuring Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers. That's right horror collectors, three new horror figures are coming your way!

Pre-orders will begin this summer for the three very detailed and very spooky figures, based on characters you know and love from the Halloween movies. Dr. Loomis, played by the late and great Donald Pleasence, will get the highly collectible figure treatment, along with Michael Myers from Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection. Each figure will be a 1/6 scale representation of their character, standing at almost a foot tall.

Be sure to act fast and get your pre-orders in line early when they open this summer. I have a hunch these Halloween figures will be hard to find after their release, which could be this year or the next.

Don Mancini took to Twitter to show off a new picture for Chucky and the show's second season that is soon to come.

Given the green light for more Chucky kills and humor, even before the show's season one finale, it was clear to see that fans wanted more Chucky and Don Mancini is eager to give fans what they want. In his post to Twitter, the Chucky creator confirmed that season two will be ready for TV audiences later this year.

Chucky saw its season one premiere last year back in October on both SyFy and USA Network, becoming available day one to streaming audiences online. Telling a new story that mixed the woes of being a teen with Child's Play horror and humor, Chucky was a hit from day one with more and more fans tuning in weekly. It will be no surprise to me at all, if season two were to carry the same fervor with fans, as it did in season one. I, for one, greatly look forward to Chucky's season two premiere and the humor and blood that is sure to come with it.

Carnival of Souls is a mysterious little film that has recently found its way to me, thanks to writer and director McClain Lindquist.

Currently in pre-production, Carnival of Souls will be the next project from the creator of The Tell Tale Heart, a short re-imagining of the Edgar Allan Poe story. Plot details and casting news remain unknown at this time.

Anyone curious enough to check out Carnival of Souls will get the black and white image provided. Those looking for more information can visit Carnival of Souls website, here. Be sure to also check out the film's Instagram page, here.


March 1 - Tuesday

Hocus Pocus, more specifically the Sanderson sisters, will get the plush treatment from Kidrobot, just in time for the upcoming sequel.

Based on the zany and witchy Sanderson sisters from Disney's beloved film, Hocus Pocus, these squishy and huggable plushies will come in two different looks. Also coming in two sizes as well, these Phunny Plush characters can be purchased by themselves or as a set. The smaller 8" set of plush figures will be available for $44.97, or by themselves for $14.99. The larger 13" set of Phunny Plush characters will be available for $69.99, or $24.99 each. Just in time for Hocus Pocus 2, the much anticipated sequel that will premiere later this year on Disney+, fans and collectors alike can shop for them, here.

The trailer for upcoming horror film, Umma, hit YouTube today, and oh man, does it look spooky!

Starring Sandra Oh, Dermot Mulroney, Fivel Stewart and Odeya Rush, Umma will tell the story of Amanda, a woman who lives a simple life that one day receives her estranged mother's ashes from Korea. An evil spirit emerges from those ashes and is intent on taking over Amanda.

Written and directed by Iris K. Shim, who co-wrote the film with Sam Raimi, Umma will enjoy its theatrical release later this month on March 18, followed by a UK release shortly after on March 25.

Having been in the works for the last ten years, Beetlejuice 2 finds new life with Plan B, the production company owned by Brad Pitt.

First green-lit back in 2015 with Warner Bros., Beetlejuice 2 would cease development in less than a year, with production falling off to the wayside. With new partners attached, filming could begin as early as this summer for the long awaited sequel, that will also see the return of Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder.

Tim Burton will again be directing, from a script written by Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg and Mike Vukadinovich. It wouldn't be a true Beetlejuice sequel without the music of Danny Elfman, for what is shaping up to be a proper sequel to one of 1988's kookiest films.

Trick or Treat Studios reveals part two of their Toy Fair 2022 and it looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre won't be forgotten any time soon.

Three new Leatherface figures will be available to pre-order later this year and they look perfect for any horror collector's spooky collection. The three 1/6 scale figures will feature horror's favorite chainsaw-wielding cannibal from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Texas Chainsaw 3D and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).

Highly detailed and perfect for any Texas Chainsaw fan, these Leatherface figures will be available to pre-order when summertime rolls around.

The first expansion is coming for Back 4 Blood with new enemies, new skins and a lot more cool stuff to keep you looking good while taking zombie lives.

Expansion 1 for Back 4 Blood will be called Tunnels of Terror, and will add more content to the co-op zombie shooter, expected to release in April. Turtle Rock Studios is keeping the game fresh by giving players three new Ridden, two Cleaners and a collection of new skins and weapons.

Join your friends and get to killing with the upcoming expansion Tunnels of Terror, the first of three planned expansion that will come to Back 4 Blood. Players can expect Tunnels of Terror to drop next month on April 12 for players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


March 2 - Wednesday

Trick or Treat Studios has revealed their next line of figures in Part 3 of their Toy Fair 2022, and fans of Hammer Horror are going to be quite excited.

Before he was a LoTR legend, Christopher Lee was an icon of British horror playing some of the most iconic monsters in all of horror history. He would give the world of horror one of the most frightening portrayals of Dracula ever, in numerous Hammer Films starting in the late 1950s.

Getting the 1/6 scale figure treatment will be Christopher Lee's Dracula and his portrayal of The Creature from The Curse of Frankenstein. Highly detailed with fabric clothing and moveable parts for posing, these two figures inspired by the late actor will be open to pre-order later this year in the summertime, and fingers crossed, available later this year to own and add to any collections that are in the process of being built.

Stephen King sits down with Fangoria's The Kingcast for the first time, giving hosts Eric Vespe and Scott Wampler some details on his upcoming series of books.

Going back to a character who has made numerous appearances in past works by the author, Stephen King was happy to reveal that his next three books would follow Holly Gibney, with the first novel simply titled, Holly. The private detective with OCD, who is also on the autism spectrum, is a big help in King's crime/detective novel, Mr. Mercedes, helping lead investigator Bill Hodges uncover identities and helpful key information.

No hints or clues yet as to when the first book in the Holly Gibney trilogy will release but here is to hoping that Stephen King returns to The Kingcast to announce the dates.


March 3 - Thursday

The horrors of the Amityville house know no bounds, having seen some of the most ridiculous stories and plot lines ever seen in a horror franchise. The Amityville house will now leave Earth and take off into the great unknown, for a new tale of low-budget nonsense and terror in Amityville in Space.

From director Mark Polonia, Amityville in Space will star Titus Himmelberger, Cassandra Hayes, Tim Hatch, Ryan Dalton and Jeff Kirkendall, for a supernatural space horror adventure released by Wild Eye Releasing. Expect this one to his VOD and streaming services some time this year.

Bloody Disgusting shares an exclusive clip from Take Back the Night, proving time and time again that walking down a back alley at night is never a good idea.

In the short clip, Jane, played by Emma Fitzpatrick, finds herself alone at night, being stalked by a supernatural entity lurking in the shadows. Written and directed by Gia Elliot, who co-wrote the film with star Emma Fitzpatrick, Take Back the Night will tell the story of Jane, the survivor of a monster attack who seeks to find and destroy her attacker. But when her past is called into question, Jane is left alone and doubting herself. In her solitude will Jane discover an even more horrible truth?

Also starring Angela Gulner, Jennifer Lafleur, Sibongile Mlambo, Corina Kinnear and Kati Sharp, Take Back the Night will enjoy a limited theatrical release, as well as a VOD release, later this week on March 4.

Part 4 of Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022 reveal has dropped on YouTube and creators at the company turn to 1985's The Return of the Living Dead for inspiration on this line of figures.

Tarman and a Trioxin Barrel will get the collectible figure treatment, and just like reveals before them, they look highly detailed and ready for any staging ideas one might have. The 1/6 scale figures will stand almost a foot tall and will be available to pre-order at the same time as all the other Toy Fair 2022 reveals. That's right! Summertime.


March 4 - Friday

The Hollywood Reporter has recieved exclusive news that a new Alien movie is in the works, this time with Fede Alvarez attached to direct.

20th Century Studios will develop the project with Ridley Scott onboard to produce. The new Alien feature will be a standalone story that will have few ties to the past films.

A lot of good stuff is coming from the Alien franchise in the next couple years. We have a television series from Noah Hawley in the works, and now the news of a new Alien feature film is here to build the excitement even more. Stay tuned for more breaking Alien news.

It's Part 5 of Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022 and the reveals are plenty today with so many 8" figures coming your way, you won't know where to display them.

You're gonna need some serious shelf space for this release, with figures inspired by such great horror flicks like Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh, Pumpkinhead and Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

That's not all though because those at Trick or Treat Studios have been hard at work to bring our fears down to collectible size. We have another Michael Myers figure on the way from the 1978 John Carpenter classic this time, as well as two more figures, Jacob from 2019's Candy Corn and Farmer Vincent from Motel Hell.

Like all the other announcements we've heard from Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022, these figures will be available to pre-order when summertime is upon us, and hopefully ready to add to my collection this year. I might even have enough patience for early next year.


March 5 - Saturday

Part 6 of Trick or Treat Studios' Toy Fair 2022 reveals a very retro looking 5" Toxie figure, that is all most identical to the 1991 Playmates line of toys based on the cartoon Toxic Crusaders.

I had to do a double take when I first saw this image because I remember having this toy as a kid. Everything is there from the mop, to the extras. I think the only thing missing is the American flag sticker on the mop handle.

Toxic Avenger fans have a lot to be excited about with a new reboot on the way, and now the perfect replica of early 1990s childhood. Pre-orders will begin in the summer for this retro Toxie figure that will be a must have for any Troma collection.


Thank you for tuning in this week horror fans, I hope that wasn't too much horror for you. 2022 is going to be a good year for horror and we have all kinds of horror movies, spooky collectibles and unsettling literature coming our way. Be sure to stop by again next week where there will be another Horrific Recap waiting for you and of course, more scares. I'll see you next week horror fans.

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ERIC J. CULLEN is a writer currently residing in California. A fan of horror since childhood, Eric spends his free time developing Horror Junket, writing screenplays, HODLING, as well as producing films in the horror genre. Eric is currently the future owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

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