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Horrific Recap of August 22 - 28, 2021

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Thank you for dropping by the site today. It's the start of a beautiful new week in horror today and that means it's time for another Horrific Recap. As always, I am excited to get you your fix of last week's horror tidbits, so, if you haven't done so already, go ahead and grab your fright pillow tight—a little tighter now, because things are about to get all kinds of spooky, as we recap some of last week's spookiest horror news.


Sunday - August 22

I'm late to the game on this one by almost a month but I've come across news that a sequel to Ouija Shark, is in the works by Wild Eye Releasing and Survival Zombie Films.

Writer and star of the first film, John Migliore, returns as writer and star for the Ouija Shark sequel, taking on an additional role; director. The first film followed a group of women who unleashed the spirit of a killer shark, turning to an occult specialist for help in making things right again.

Migliore will be joined by Kylie Gough and Simon Wheeldon from the first film. Newcomer Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith joins the Ouija Shark sequel for a ghostly tale that will more than likely find Migliore's occult specialist, once again battling an ancient killer shark.


Monday - August 23

Fans of American McGee's Alice can stop by the Patreon created for what could be the third game in the series.

If all goes to plan, Alice: Asylum could be the next entry in the gothic horror game, that continues to have a following after all these years. Containing a narrative outline, a possible game script and plenty of spoilers for the prospective game, visitors to the Patreon site can take a look at what is in store for the very much possible third game in the series.

Marilyn Eastman, the actress best known for her role as Helen Cooper in 1968's Night of the Living Dead, has passed away in her sleep today—her death announced by her son John on Facebook.

Eastman had quite the influence on Night of the Living Dead, starring alongside her husband Karl Hardman, while also helping with the script and makeup of the film. Having had a lot of success in radio prior to her role in Night, Eastman would continue her work in entertainment with commercials, theater and another horror appearance with her husband, in the 1996 film Santa Claws. Marilyn Eastman was 87 at the time of her passing.


Tuesday - August 24

AMC Fear Fest returns for the spookiest season of the year with the promise of so many movies, scares and Eli Roth!

Beginning the first day of October and going until Halloween night, AMC's Fear Fest will bring the horror that fans wait all year for, with a line up that includes all your favorite killers like Freddy, Jason, Michael and Ghostface.

Throughout the month of October, Fear Fest will show some of your favorite horror films as well as the second season of Shudder's hit, Creepshow and a new season of Eli Roth’s History of Horror. The full line up of horror is still unknown but we do expect to get the full list soon, sometime next month.

Michael Myers' new look from the upcoming Halloween Kills gets the NECA figure treatment, available later this year for all you collectors out there.

The 7" figure will come with interchangeable heads and hands, along with two knives, a bat, a Halligan bar and a broken fluorescent bulb. This Ultimate Edition will come with all the right tools to get Michael Myers into his killer look.

Coming with a mix of weapons, the Ulitmate Michael Myers from Halloween Kills will be available later this year in the fall and available to pre-order from numerous retailers. I suggest GameStop if you have one nearby.


Wednesday - August 25

Christopher Patey/Getty Images

LaKeith Stanfield will star in the series adaptation of Victor LaValle's novel The Changeling, which will premiere on Apple's streaming service.

Stanfield has had great success with roles in Get Out, Judas and the Black Messiah, and Atlanta. He will step into the role of Apollo for The Changeling, a story about a new family that endure a great tragedy, beginning Apollo's journey to find his wife who suddenly vanishes.

Kelly Marcel and Melina Matsoukas will executive produce the series along with Apple Studios. Marcel will serve as writer and showrunner for the series, while Matsoukas will take over directing duties. Filming is sure to begin soon and hopefully we will get some more casting announcements before that time.

AMC's adaptation of Anne Rice's 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire cast Lestat not too long ago, and it was only a matter of time before the role of Louis would be cast as well.

News broke today that Jacob Anderson of Game of Thrones fame, is set to play Louis de Pointe du Lac, the vampire who struggles to feed off humans, instead choosing to feed off small animals and rodents. Anderson joins Sam Reid who was cast mid-August to play the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, in the upcoming series from creator and showrunner Rolin Jones.


Thursday - August 26

Spoilers for The Black Phone ahead, so if you care not to read them, go ahead and jump on down to Friday.

Scott Derrickson is a mastermind when it comes to horror, a title earned by his filmography which includes The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister and Deliver Us from Evil.

Derrickson's latest film, an adaptation of Joe Hill's The Black Phone, will no doubt be frightening but with recent breaking news, it will be f***ing terrifying.

Ethan Hawke is the bad guy, everybody! I could not be more excited and to be real, Hawke and Derrickson have made horror gold in the past. Ethan was fantastic in Daybreakers, it's one of my favorite vampire flicks, and Sinister—I probably shouldn't have watched that on little sleep. I've always wanted to see Ethan Hawke with a really dark side and The Black Phone, I believe, will deliver just that.


Friday - August 27

The cast of Netflix's Wednesday grows larger with the addition of Thora Birch and Riki Lindhome.

The two actresses have recently come aboard the Tim Burton project, joining Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzmán, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Coming soon to Netflix, Wednesday will tell the story of Wednesday Addams as she starts a new and mysterious chapter in her life, navigating family and her new school Nevermore Academy.


Saturday - August 28

Tuning in this week to Riffing On Horror, Rob and Kelcie—joined by Dwight—sat down for drinks and some laughs as they riffed for their 56th episode.

When they weren't chatting about their excitement for the upcoming Candyman film, the duo turned threesome for the night, were laughing it up over a character's Eddie Munster hairstyle and the bad choices made by all characters in The Vicious Brothers' directorial debut, Grave Encounters.

Riffing On Horror's latest riff can be seen by clicking the following, Episode 56: Grave Encounters and be sure to keep an ear out for Rob's fun piece of Candyman trivia. If you haven;t done so yet, I recommend you check out Riffing On Horror's upcoming Halloween event Sam-Hain's Havok and get your tickets secured.

The Shining comes to downtown Denver, Colorado with five performances scheduled to show next year at Ellie Caulkins Opera House, located within the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

What!? The Shining is not just a book, or a Jack Nicholson movie, or a late 1990's TV movie? Had me fooled. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec and librettist Mark Campbell, The Shining, as an opera, tells the plight of the Torrance family, stranded in a haunted hotel for the winter.

The first performance for The Shining at Ellie Caulkins Opera House will take place on February 26, with the remaining performances occurring on March 1, 3, 4, 6.


Well, that's it for last week's horror, I hope it wasn't too scary for you. Tune in next Sunday where I'll recap this current week's horror tidbits. I hope you enjoy the start of September and the slow approach of autumn, which will take us into our favorite holiday of the year at the end of the following month. Until then, I hope you all take care and remember to let your neighbors know you're still alive and kicking with a loud bloodcurdling scream. Goodnight.

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