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  • Eric J. Cullen

FOOD: Coca-Cola and 'Stranger Things' Bring Back 'new Coke'

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Rick & Morty sparked a short-lived comeback of McDonald's Szechuan sauce and it appears Coca-Cola is on track to do just that with 'new Coke' and Netflix's Stranger Things.

Back in 1985, Coca-Cola had the idea to change the formula of their Coke product and brand it 'new Coke.' This caused such outrage among fans of the soft drink that protests were held, stocking piling of the beverage occurred, and the beverage itself was changed back to its now 'Coca-Cola Classic' label within three months. Now in 2019, paired with Netflix's streaming hit Stranger Things, Coca-Cola will bring back the 'new Coke' beverage for a very limited run.

Find it online or in vending machines located in select major cities, 'new Coke' will be available for those who were not born yet, or for those that may not have gotten to experience the flavor in it's first run. Enjoy but only for a limited time.

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