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BUZZ: Bloody Disgusting Reveals New 'Scream' Film In The Works At Spyglass

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska coming in hot with news that Spyglass Media Group is developing a new Scream film.

With four films in the hip horror anthology and a television show to top it off, Scream was the franchise that gave us a new horror icon and introduced us to so many people whose lives have been affected by Sidney Prescott. Sadly, we know that Master of Horror, Wes Craven won't be returning to direct and may he rest in peace but it is also sad news to hear that Kevin Williamson will not be returning to write.

Will this Scream still have Sidney Prescott and the gang? Will we get a reboot without Neve Campbell? God, I hope not! Not much else is known yet because development has only been announced but I'll keep you posted with info as I hear it.

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